Sunday, January 6, 2013

Men in Black (2012)

With a few days of reflection under my belt, this one is pretty much what you would think it is–a not bad but certainly not great piece of popcorn entertainment. Which is one way of saying that it's as good or bad as almost anything else. Which is still another way of saying that, like most movies, it's fine, no more but also no less. It has some nice acting by all involved, but the stand outs are Josh Brolin as a young Agent K and Michael Stulhbarg as Griffin, an alien who can see the future in all its variations. The third act is what gives the movie it's emotional boost. You have the feeling, going in, that things could go horribly wrong, either for Earth or for Will Smith's Agent J. It doesn't, of course, but it doesn't all go smoothly either. The twist isn't a big thing–I saw it coming from pretty far off–but I don't want to spoil it. It's the reason you might come away from Men in Black 3 thinking more highly of it than it probably deserves.

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