Monday, May 13, 2013

April Activity

My cover story on Share Carruth

I haven't updated the blog in quite awhile, but I'm back, and with everything I did for the month of April. This was my last full month with the Observer as an intern, and it was a busy one. The major article in this bunch is the cover story I did on Shane Carruth, the filmmaker behind Primer and this year's Upstream Color.

Derek Cianfrance article (Dallas Observer)
Spring Breakers in 35mm (Dallas Observer)
Upstream Color review (In Review Online)
Best Movies to See in Dallas, 4/4 - 4/7 (Dallas Observer)
Best Movies to See in Dallas, 4/17 - 4/21 (Dallas Observer)
Shane Carruth cover story (Dallas Observer)
Shane Carruth Q&A (Dallas Observer)
Why Should I See To the Wonder When I Can Watch it on iTunes Now? (Dallas Observer)
Best Movies to See in Dallas, 4/25 - 4/28 (Dallas Observer)
Greg Barker interview (Dallas Observer)

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